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Amalia Biro Marketing

Amalia Biro Marketing Header logo next to a phone and a notebook.png

what we created:

+ Brand Identity
+ Squarespace template customization


Amalia Biro Marketing is a digital marketer based in Vancouver. She works with small businesses to help demystify the world of marketing and make it a friendly place for her clients.

Our focus was to make a brand that matched Amalia’s personality - fresh and approachable while still maintaining a professional edge. We decided to focus on a brighter colour palette, with one of her main colours being cheery peach and used her logo to bring even more of her personality into the brand.

See each aspect of our project together below, which included a range of brand and collateral pieces, and check out her website to see the brand in action!

Amalia Biro Marketing's website homepage displayed on an iMac sitting on a desk surrounded by books.
Amalia Biro Marketing Facebook Advertising on a mobile phone, sitting on top of a leather wallet, located beside a green plant on top of a marble work surface.
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"It is terrifying when you set out to create a brand and business all on your own! There is so much to do, and you can't possibly do it all yourself, yet you're so protective of what you want to create. As small business owners themselves, Lucy & Daphne knew exactly what I was going through and provided so much support - helping me define my brand and everything that comes along with it.” - Amalia Biro

Amalia Biro Marketing webiste on an iPad sitting next to a cup of coffee and a pen lying on two notebooks.
Amalia Biro Marketing Thank You card next to a black pen and a wooden bowl
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