The Difference Between A Brand and A Logo


If you’re new to branding, we know how confusing the difference between a brand and a logo can be. There is however, quite a big difference – and a brand is so so much more than a logo. Scroll on down to read more about the crucial differences between the two!

The difference between a brand and a logo

Brand Identities

A brand is the sum of your business ethos and visual style. It's what you stand for and what you want to be known for. This includes your values, your personality, and your characteristics. Yep, a business has all those things!

Let's look at Apple's brand; when you think of Apple, what comes to mind? How would you describe it to other people? You might describe Apple as innovative, modern, sleek, young, creative, friendly, and cool; all words you might use to describe a person.

When thinking about your own brand, picture them as an actual person. Give this person a name if it helps! What do they look like? How would you describe their style? What do they value in life? How do they make others feel? Are they funny, serious, or authoritative? The answers to these questions will give you the adjectives that make up your brand and it's ethos.

Once developed, your brand identity will help you make all the little choices you have to tackle. It will tell you the words to choose when writing emails. It's the personality you should use on social media. It's the tone of language on your website, and in brand documents. In short, a strategic brand identity will act as the guide for your brand. It will help you to know WHAT to say and HOW to say it. Grab your free personality worksheet here!

Of course, this applies to your brand visuals too. Don't forget that your colour, type and shape choices act as a visual language. They tell your audience as much as your words do, sometimes more! Viewers interpret meaning through quick glances at your brand. They'll make snap judgements about your business based on what they see and one day might choose (or not!) to spend their money with you, based on these small interactions.


A logo

A logo, on the other hand, is a graphic element or typographic mark that visually represents a company. It embodies the ethos of a brand through its colours, shape, and typography. Keep in mind that it doesn't have to be a direct, literal representation of your product or services. For example, the Nike logo is a swoosh, not a running shoe. Their logo works as a visual cue for the ethos of the brand; flight, movement and speed. A great logo is unique, creative, and clear, and can effectively express the brand behind it!

How they work together

Now you know exactly how a brand and a logo go hand-in-hand. Together, they form the story of who your company is and make up your brand identity. They tell your target market what makes you different and why they should buy from you. Pretty important things, eh!

When working with a designer, they will want to know all these things about your company. They will spend time getting to know your brand personality, and use that as a guide for their own choices. This is how you'll be able to trust that the colours and shapes they use aren't arbitrary in any way. Nope, they've been chosen just for you and your brand. Amazing!

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