What's Included In A Brand Identity Package


So you've decided to work with a designer and create a brand. You've found someone you like and trust (the most important thing!) and you're about to begin work. But hang on a minute... what's actually in a brand identity?

Whether you're looking to start working with a designer, or are in the process of creating a brand identity, here's a helpful guide to what comes in a brand package and what you should be able to expect from your designer, based on the items we include in our own Brand Identity packages.

Whats included in a brand identity package

The first part of the project might not be what you're expecting it to be! We begin all projects with research, brand strategy, and learning as much as we can about your business. This is such an important part of the project, because it allows us to set you up with a good foundation and understanding of your business, and allows us to make logical design choices. 

Yep, we're not just making pretty things over here at Salt Design Co., we're making strategic choices that will help you attract your ideal clients and grow your business. We'll delve into your positioning, your values, your clients and so much more! Plus, we will do some fun visuals like a mood board at this stage ☺️to make sure we’re on the right track for the style of your brand.

The strategy piece of a branding project includes a finalized strategy document, which includes a mood board, and key pieces of information about your brand that you can refer to time and time again. Remember that other designers might not include items like this, so don't expect everything to be same between each designer. 

After your strategy is set in place, and we've agreed on a style direction, that's when we dig into creating your brand identity! Remember, a brand is your business - it's the way you talk to your customers (and the mail man!), how you present yourself, and how you intend to make money. The visual identity that you create with a designer is the aesthetic representation of all of those things. 

So what does the brand identity package include beyond that?

A logo (of course!)

Probably the most obvious part of a brand identity, (but not the most important necessarily!) is a logo! A logo is an icon or word mark that visually represents your company, enthuses your brand values and talks directly to your ideal clients, letting them know who you are and what you do. But, and we'll keep on reiterating this, your logo is just the visual representation of your company name - your brand will show it's values and attract your clients because of so many other things!

Most likely you'll receive a primary (or main) logo that is quite literally going to be the main logo for your company. You might also get a secondary logo and maybe even a tertiary logo! There are multiple ways to use a logo, and this is what leads a designer to giving you multiple variations of one design. 

For example, for us we have 3 logo options: 

+ Our primary logo (the word mark of our company)

+ Our secondary logo (our signature Salt icon)

+ and our third (or tertiary) logo which is the ‘s’ from our main logo in a circle. Check it out here.

what you get:

Vector files of each logo, in multiple colours (including black & white) + JPEG and PNG versions of each logo! Pretty simple really, but for our brand identity packages that normally amounts to over 50 files!


What else?

Well, the rest of your visual brand is made up with colours, fonts and graphics. This normally looks like 2 or 3 fonts chosen for your brand and some graphical elements or patterns. Your brand colours with be delivered to you as swatch files, usable in software such as Photoshop or Illustrator, whilst your fonts will need to be purchased online and then installed onto your computer. 

The most important part of a brand, arguably, is your brand guide. 


a brand guide:

A brand guide is a handy document that details every single element of your brand identity. It gives you a break down of your colours, so you can use them without needing to use the swatch files, it explains how to correctly use your logo but even more than that, it goes into detail about the strategy behind your company and the values that make up your brand. 

Throughout this document you'll also find instructions on how to use this brand. Two companies could have the same colours and fonts, but how they use them is the crucial difference! We'll explain what imagery to choose, how to use any patterns, what typography and design choices to be making on behalf of your brand. Will you have wide margins, or tight margins? Will you have a big bold stripe that always runs through photos? We'll go over all of this in your brand guide.


What happens next?

Once you’ve got your final brand package in your hands (well, on your computer..) we won’t be going anywhere! One thing we hear from a surprising amount of people is that they hired someone who ghosted on them before a project finished, or closed up shop when they needed more help. We’ll be the first to admit that business moves faster than you could ever expect and change is always coming, but we’re here, we’re in this for the long-haul, and we’ve got over 50 businesses with brands designed by us under our belt - many of whom we still work with on an on-going basis.

All of that to say, that if you need more help - we’re here for you! From web design, to marketing pieces, we’re here for all of our design and small business needs. We’ll be cheering you on, spreading the word about your business, and rallying in your corner.

Want to work with us to create a strategic brand identity? Check out our brand package here.