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Coaching + Consultations

Hosted at our shared office in Mount Pleasant

Want to make some small changes to an existing website or have someone guide you through the next steps of growing your business? Meet with Lucy or Daphne for in-person coaching or consultation! These are hands-on meetings tailored to your needs, and whatever problems you’re currently facing. In other words, it’s your time to use how you like!


All training sessions or consultations require a non-refundable deposit or payment, and require no less than 24-hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule. Training session dates will be finalized after inquiry.


Option 1: 90 Minute Consultation

One payment of $325CA + GST

A 90-Minute consultation can be used for whatever you most need it for; brand or business development, web design, or even to learn new tricks and tips for your website platform of choice.

You’ll leave our session with changes made, new skills learnt, and a Google Doc of everything we went through together (no forgetting what you learnt!). Want to book today? Head to our calendar now!


Option 2: Half Day Coaching

$1,500CA + GST paid in instalments

A half-day coaching session is perfect if you want to dig a little deeper. Maybe you’ve already started creating your own Squarespace website but are feeling stuck and unsure of what to put where, or maybe you need some guidance on your brand identity or business development.

In half a day we can accomplish a lot, and ensure you get moving again with confidence.  A half-day training is typically 4-hours, with a short break. Includes the cost of a workspace for the duration of the coaching session.


Option 3: 2 Day Website Coaching

$3,750CA + GST paid in instalments

A 2-day coaching session is perfect for anyone looking to create a website without hiring a designer to do it for them. If you want to really figure out the ins and outs of Squarespace, we’ll guide you through our web design process while you learn how to build and maintain your website.

This package is highly hands-on and is tailored to what you need to learn and accomplish for your business, helping you achieve your goals! Includes lunch breaks and the cost of a workspace for the duration of the coaching session.



After booking Lucy for a day, I feel incredibly confident making the changes and modifications to my site that I want to.

“Knowing how Squarespace works with a bit more intimacy and having more design-informed insights on hand, I’m making smart changes and they’re happening with ease. I love that they’re two women helping female entrepreneurs to develop and grow their businesses. They notice and understand the struggles of being a female entrepreneur, and work to overcome them with other women in the space. Getting in front of people is one thing. Providing value is another. Lucy + Daphne are always providing value; through email or instagram, they’re a constant source of relevant and interesting insight and information and so generous with what they share.” - Elsbett Doucette

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See websites that were built during an in-person training session.