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Lyn Sakari - Sit with Sakari

Header image with a photo of Lyn Sakari walking on a beach in black and white, and the logo for 'Lyn Sakari, #sitwithsakari' on top of the photo in bright pink

what we created:

+ Brand Identity
+ Business Card design
+ Poster design
+ Squarespace Website


Lyn Sakari is a meditation teacher in New Westminster and the greater Vancouver area. With the tagline “Sit with Sakari” Lyn is devoted to making mindfulness and meditation practices accessible to the collective in a safe and supportive environment.

Lyn’s love for street art and ‘boho-chic’ style led us to create a very personal brand, with a bright neon and orange supported by black and white. The website created is a one-page scrolling site that shows a visitor everything they need to see - including where and when Lyn is currently teaching.

See the brand design and business cards below and check out the Sit with Sakari website here.