Elsbet Doucette

Photo of Elsbet Doucette looking to the left and smiling

what we worked on together:

+ Full-day Squarespace website training and design
+ How to structure a website and each page
+ Writing with SEO in mind
+ Linking pages together
+ Best ways to include personality


Elsbet Doucette is a real estate advisor in Vancouver, working with Oakwyn Realty. Elsbet needed a website that showcased the homes and clients she works with. Elsbet came to us with a very strong vision in mind, but wanted support in executing it, learning how to use Squarespace along the way.

With a full-day training session we were able to start from scratch, to build out Elsbet’s Squarespace website. Mapping out the pages, deciding where her copy would go, and making edits as we went. Together we built and designed the entire website, and left her with a list of final to-do’s that she would feel confident executing on her own.

See the homepage of the website we built with Elsbet below!

Elsbet Doucette Realty's Squarespace website training