Meira Consulting

Meira consulting logo on a cream banner with an ipad and a green notebook

what we created:

+ Company Name
+ Brand Identity
+ Business Cards
+ Squarespace Website
+ Custom Code


Meira Consulting is a business consulting firm in Vancouver providing solutions to the project, technology and change problems of small enterprises.

Starting with name development we worked to create the brand identity of Meira from the ground up. Landing on a name that means “light” in Hebrew, we chose to focus the messaging of the company on the concept of Meira as the guiding light for their clients. The icon logo and colour palette followed this, with rays of light leading away from the ‘m’ in the icon pointing in the direction of intended travel.

Taking the brand onto the Meira Consulting website, we kept things clean and professional with a one-page scrolling website that explains all the services and takes a visitor from information through to inquiry with no fuss. Adding a custom coded navigation for this feature, as well as a back-to-top button, helps the site to be more functional.

A case study section shows past projects completed by Meira Consulting and features colour-coded thumbnails and the ability to move between case studies with ease, choosing the category of project you want to view as well.

See the full brand below and check out the website here!

Meira Consulting website and business cards in forest green on a grey notebook with glasses next to them
Meira Consulting wordmark in deep forest green on a grey background.
Meira Consulting ray icon in white on a bright yellow background
Case Study from Meira Consulting setup as a custon blog template on their Squarespace website. Shown on an ipad mockup with a green notebook.
Scrolling preview of the Meira Consulting Squarespace website on an iPad
Meira Consulting website on a silver black laptop on a wooden table
Meira Consulting green business card with m icon on top of a grey notebook with a white pen.
Icon of a laptop in white with the word technology underneath
Pen and clipboard icon by Made by Made icons used for the Meira Consulting branding and web design project