Samantha Stojkovich

Photo of Samantha Stojkovich laughing in a white room

what we worked on together:

+ Overall feel, colours, fonts
+ Image sizing
+ Using images with text
+ Blog set-up
+ Using the style editor


Samantha Stojkovich reached out to us with some clear things she wanted to change on her website. She was struggling to make changes herself after working with someone else to setup her site. She wasn’t feeling confident in how to make quick and easy edits to her blog, and didn’t feel 100% aligned with the style that was in place.

Our goal for Sam for the next 2-hours together was to warm up the feel of the website, tackle the items she couldn’t change, and set her up with steps for moving forward. We discussed her style and colour inspiration, and pulled colours from photos to create a warm blue palette, matching this with a classic font. We identified that the main issues were graphics created with text and images, which stopped the text from being editable easily. Live text, as it’s known, is easily changeable and SEO friendly, so we made the switch and updated the images and blog to make everything much more manageable for Sam.

See the final result of Sam’s website below! Header photo of Sam by Christine Pienaar

Samantha Stojkovich Squarespace Website updates