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Recreative Apparel

Recreative Apparel logo on a photo of legs running up stairs with blue leggings and orange sneakers in the portfolio of Salt Design Co.

what we created:

+ Brand Identity
+ Company tagline


Recreative Apparel is a conscious apparel brand creating brightly coloured leggings for modern women who care about the production and lifecycle of their clothes. All of Recreative’s leggings are made with care, and designed to help women feel able to easily move through their life whilst feeling like themselves. Plus they’re created with sustainable fabrics! Win win!

Throughout the branding process we helped Aurore refine her company tagline, landing on “Recreate the Mold” which speaks to the ethos of Recreative’s wearers being boldly themselves and recreating their own status-quo.

See the brand we created with owner Aurore below.

Recreative Apparel website on an ipad with a clock and glasses next to it
Recreate the Mold, the tagline for Recreative Apparel on a purple background, designed and created by Salt Design Co.
Recreative Apparel monogram logo pattern in royal blue and white
Recreative Apparel Business card design by Salt Design Co.

“I wanted a brand identity that would represent my product and my brand values. Something that would be unique enough to raise above the noise of my competitors. I was afraid I might not be able to get my brand vision understood by an agency. But Salt Design Co. were attentive to what I had to say and patient throughout the process so now I feel like I have a better idea of where my brand fits in the athleisure market. I know how to present it better. Mainly, it looks professional and shows that I am serious about my business. Thank you for the amazing work!” - Aurore Plavis, Recreative Apparel

Recreative Apparel tags
Recreative Apparel logo and a photo of someone running up stairs
recreative website mockup.png
Recreative Apparel monogram in bright blue