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Meet Lucy and Daphne

We’re passionate designers with a flair for entrepreneurship; we truly care about you and your business, and that always comes first! We won’t leave your questions unanswered, even if they’re not design related, and will always give you insight into how things function so that you can make smart decisions as you grow your brand or website. Businesses are constantly evolving, and we want to evolve with you.


Lucy Gregory

Founder, + Creative Director

The big-picture mind for our business, Lucy leads up our business development and outreach. She has a passion for fun, yet modern design and is the voice you’ll hear on our social media channels most.

Born and raised in the UK (yup, she’s got the accent!), Lucy moved to Vancouver initially at age 19, before leaving to travel, study, and ultimately return to beautiful BC. She loves intense workouts at Movement 108, taking care of her fiddle fig plant, drinking too much coffee and casual bike rides around the city.


Daphne Wong

Founder + Art Director

As a talented illustrator and art director, Daphne heads up projects that include web design, print design, or packaging design. With a passion for bringing fun and personality into everything she touches Daphne also writes a lot of our course content over at Design Build Grow - an online education platform we launched in late 2018.

Daphne is a Vancouverite, a dedicated Simpsons fan and a big fan of baking. She loves cats, tacos, a good cocktail (who doesn't!?) and illustrating greetings cards for her friends. As a CrossFit regular she's stronger than you might think but she's mostly the most logical person we know.


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