Get strategic design support that leaves you with a stellar brand – and the skills to put it to use and leverage it to grow your business (#yesplease).

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Web Design

What's a refined website if it doesn't do any heavy lifting for your business? Optimize your online presence with a custom website that goes to work for you! Custom designs on the Squarespace platform are our speciality, although we’re happy to work with the e-commerce platform of your choice too.

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Brand Design

If you’re growing a business, you’re growing a brand. Set yourself up for long-term ease and freedom of creative expression with the foundations of your brand designed right...the first time. This is strategic brand design at it’s best – getting you ready to launch (or re-launch) your company with confidence.

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Brand Development + Language

Get crystal clear about your business and find the words to talk to other people about it. With brand strategy, language and even name development, you can start your company with our support and grow with ease.

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Coaching + Consultations

No more confusion, uncertainty or wasting time. Get next to a design + branding expert to go over your website, build a new one from scratch, or get advice on the direction of your brand or business as a whole. The time is yours, and we’re here for whatever questions or advice you need!



Lucy and Daphne are so much more than a branding and design agency. They make the impossible, possible.

“I've been struggling for over five years to find a voice for my company and in a few short weeks, Lucy and Daphne were able to distill those years of work, ideas, musings, and other haphazard thoughts into an extraordinarily perfect brand for my digital design and communications agency, Type C Consulting. They were all those things that an agency should be: professional, patient, and timely, but they were also kind and understanding and really cared about me, my company, and the final product even to the smallest details.” – Connie Chang, Type C Consulting

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Transform as a brand...and a business owner.

Building a brand and a business doesn’t have to be as challenging as it seems. Check out how these business owners did it – and how we gave them the support they needed to make it happen.


We’re in it so you can win it

Two designers dedicated to your success

Serving you unparalleled support and giving all the cares in the world. We’re in it so you (and your business) can win it – and that translates into every aspect of of us working together too; we’ve always got your business’ best interests at heart.

Lucy and Daphne are sitting on a grey chair, giving sultry looks to the camera.