The Haven Collective

The Haven Collective logo on a photo of a bedroom

what we created:

+ Brand Identity
+ Squarespace Website


The Haven Collective is a full-service interior design firm in Vancouver, BC; “Fuelled by a desire to create spaces that evoke feeling, The Haven Collective is a full-service interior design studio out to do things differently.”

When company Principal, Erin, came to us she had been struggling with a previous design of her brand identity and website. We took over to make updates to the logos, font system colour palette, and Squarespace Website. Adding in new information architecture and some minor custom coding we built a visual identity that felt more in tune with what Erin was looking for, and a website that is beautiful and highly functional. A large portfolio shows all the photos of the interiors designed by The Haven Collective, with Erin have full access to add new projects and make updates herself.

See the branding and Squarespace website below and see the live site here.

updated Haven Collective logo in grey on a soft pink background
H monogram logo in a white outline circle on a grey background
Mockup of The Haven Collective's website (services page) on an iPad with a soft pattern behind the main navigation
The Haven Collective website seen on a white iPad ontop of a notebook
The Haven Collective homepage shown on a white iPad
The Haven Collective Squarespace web design shown on a black iPad on a grey background, designed by Salt Design Co.
The Haven Collective portfolio page for West 7th avenue interior design shown on a black laptop sat on a bed with white bedding.