Calibrate Pilates Header - A clinician adjusting a client with the Calibrate logo on top.

what we created:

+ Brand Identity
+ Website build & coaching
+ Business Cards
+ Illustrations


Calibrate Pilates provides instructor training for rehabilitation professionals.

Through in-person workshops and online facilitated courses, clinical professionals can further the skills and help they offer their patients by adding Pilates knowledge to their knowledge bank. We worked with owner Kobi, to develop a brand that took inspiration from the moving lines of the body, and had a simple, retro feel to it. In particular we focused on the structural principal of tensegrity to bring body and movement symbology into the brand without having to use anything too obvious for the brand icons.

Once developed, we coached Kobi through the application of her brand, guiding her as she built her Squarespace website through an in-person workshop. Scroll through the brand to see the icons, logos and website in action.

Calibrate logo inspired by the concept of tensegrity on top of a blue photo of a physio holding a woman's knee
Calibrate Pilates logos on a business card, a letterhead, and a concrete background
Calibrate website gif
Givalry full logo with motto situated on top of an image of a brown wicker laundry basket with a dark purple blanket sitting on the edge, next to a white backed chair with light wooden legs.
Givalry website main homepage header with text reading" Shop with purpose" on a background of tin lunch containers displayed on an iMac on a wooden stand, on a white desk with a wooden keyboard and white chair.
Givalry website of value icons on an iPad sitting beside a cup of coffee and a pen atop a notepad and book.