Loved Pet CBD

Loved Pet logo on a photo of a cat looking to the right with ears perked up

what we created:

+ Packaging Design
+ Illustration


Loved Pet CBD oil is a new range of CBD oil from Vancouver based company Icaria. With formulated dosages for dogs and cats, the new product needed it’s own packaging style.

Working with the existing colour palette we developed for Icaria, we created a simple and modern (but still super cute) illustration and logo that would be in line with the updated brand for Icaria, whilst keeping it visually distinct.

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loved pet-02.png
Packaging design for Loved Pet CBD oil by Icaria

Loved the illustration that Lucy and Daphne have created for me! It was exactly what I asked of them and from my vague explanations they still delivered an awesome, creative illustration. Look forward to creating more branded products!

- Nadya Pecherskaya, Icaria CBD oil

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