Mint Club Athletics

Mint Club Athletics logo on a black t-shirt worn by a woman surrounded by a group of teen girls. Photo by Kezia Nathe

what we created:

+ Brand Identity
+ Business Cards
+ Custom illustration
+ Interactive GIF
+ Athlete application system
+ Squarespace web design
+ New CRM system


Mint Club Athletics provide sports specific training + mentorship for young female (and female identifying) athletes in the greater Vancouver area.

Through these programs, Mint offers a space space for young womxn to learn about nutrition, grow within their community and learn about their bodies. They train in a variety of methods that support their chosen sports, and can also partake in yoga, physiotherapy, kickboxing, and more.

See the brand in use on their website below, and make sure to scroll to the bottom of the page to see our illustration of Frankie, their team pet and mascot!

Mint Club Athletics shown on an ipad with a stylus on a white background, next to a grey notebook with black business cards sat on top. Both designed by Salt Design Co.
#clubmint logo on a photo of a woman and young girl doing a yoga position.
Illustration of a dog, the team pet of Mint Club Athletics, shown as a postcard
Full view of the Squarespace website designed for Mint Club Athletics in White Rock, BC

“Salt Design Co. pushed me to grow, examine the uncomfortable unknown, and propelled me into business “adulthood”. You girls make good, GREAT!”

- Sarah Zaytsoff, Mint Club Athletics

Moving image of an illustration on the Mint Club Athletics website designed by Salt Design Co.: Gif shows a dog illustration winking and saying "Hi! I'm Frankie, Send me a message!"
Mint Club Athletics black circle logo on a white tote bag
Photo of Mint Club Athletics owner Sara wearing a black t-shirt with the logo, shown on Instagram on a phone sat on a pink background.
Gif of the Mint Club Athletics Squarespace website pages, with custom coding and design by Salt Design Co.