Oliver Simon Design


what we created:

+ Squarespace Website Design
+ Custom Code


Oliver Simon Design are an interior design company here in Vancouver, founded and run by designers Jamie and Greer. With a functional website in place that needed a facelift and more intentional design, we redesigned their web presence to be purposeful in helping them book more clients, sell their services, and show their style.

Throughout the project we added a new colour to the brand and created a font system for Oliver Simon Design, as their branding wasn’t complete. With two great logos to use though we had room to play and a clear understanding of who they + and their clients are. Adding a few custom tweaks to the website (such as a pop out menu and back-to-top button) allowed us to make their website feel even more unique and true them.

See the website in full here and scroll for snapshots of each page!

Oliver Simon Design's website homepage is shown on an iMac with plants and other office paraphernalia around it.

“Salt Design Co. were fast, clear, easy to work with and really “Got” us! We needed to update our website and enjoyed the ease of the project process and how well they nailed it. We are always nervous that people won’t have the same style preferences or aesthetic as we do – we can be quite picky! We were pleasantly surprised that not much needed to be changed and we loved almost everything aside from the usual small adjustments. We LOVE our new site and would absolutely refer Salt Design Co.” – Jamie Hamilton, Oliver Simon Design

Image shows the full homepage of Oliver Simon Design's homepage - with lots of large photos of interiors designed by them and photos of designers Jamie and Greer
GIF image shows how the pop-out menu on Oliver Simon Design's website functions. With the word "MENU" clickable, a grey menu pops out from the left-hand side of the homepage
Oliver Simon Design website shown in an image of two iPads on a grey background. The website features a peacock blue banner with logos of magazines and a clean white design with photos of interiors.