Zafira Rajan

Photo of Zafira Rajan by Alexa Mazzarello Creative with logo designed by Salt Design Co. on top of the photo.

what we created:

+ Brand Identity
+ Business cards
+ Thank you cards


Zafira Rajan is a copywriter and brand strategist working with wellness and coaching entrepreneurs on their web copy and brand messaging.

We created a sleek logo for Zafira that included an icon that directly represents the work she does. With a bright, contrasting palette supported by a rich black, Zafira’s brand is professional, fun, and Pinterest-worthy.

See each aspect of our project together below, which included a range of brand and collateral pieces, and check out her website to see the brand in use! Header photo of Zafira by Alexa Mazzarello

Zafira Rajan's business cards shown on top of a grey notebook, next to a black envelope and a light green plant
Peach thank you card with line drawing icon of a hand for Zafira Rajan designed by Salt Design Co.

Working with the ladies at Salt Design Co. was the smartest thing I ever did for my business. Lucy and Daphne were so easy to work with helped create a beautiful brand and logo for my creative content business, gorgeous business + thank you cards, as well as a brand strategy to keep me on track. The final logo product was beautiful, felt so true to who I am and has already made the investment worth it by attracting my ideal clients who resonate with what it conveys. They continued to be an amazing source of support after we wrapped up the project and I am so grateful for their fabulous work, their community and dedication to helping entrepreneurs get clear on their branding. Thank you so much, Lucy and Daphne!” - Zafira Rajan

iPhone showing a bright pink Instagram post placed on a grey notebook
Line icon of hand with pencil for Zafira Rajan by Salt Design Co.
Photo of Zafira Rajan's home by Alexa Mazzarello with logo designed by Salt Design Co.